The Power of UV Sterilization

UV light is one of the best proven chemical free ways to sterilize surfaces and now you can take that with you wherever you go.

UV sterilization is comparable to hospital level sterilization destroying the bacteria's DNA/RNA.

The power of Ultra-Violet Light as a means of killing bacteria on surfaces is as easy as using a flashlight.

If you’re wondering how UV light sterilizes bacteria, it all started in 1877 when two English scientists discovered sunlight kills bacteria. A sugar water dish was left partially in the sun. The shaded side became cloudy while the sunny side stayed clear. It was later discovered that the UV portion of the sunlight was responsible for killing the bacteria. Then in 1903 Niels Finsen won the Nobel Prize for using UV light to fight tuberculosis and lupus. By the 1960's we learned that UV light disrupts the DNA of microorganisms.

These days UV light is a standard for sterilizing work spaces in biology laboratories and medical facilities. Cleaning chemicals are often technically only supposed to be used in well ventilated spaces on hard non-porous surfaces. Be careful though, UV light can be harmful to people if directly exposed to the skin or other parts of the body. It is to be used on surfaces only.